Which toys to choose for a puppy ?

Which toys to choose for a puppy ?

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There are hundreds of different dog chew toys on the market. Faced with all this choice, dog owners can quickly get lost and not know what to choose. Here are our tips for choosing the best chew toys for your dog.

Which puppy toy to choose?

If playing with your puppy is more than just buying him a puppy toy, it's still important to buy your puppy a toy that he'll enjoy! Why is that? Simply because we love to play and chew on our dog toys. If you don't give your pet a puppy toy, he may take a towel, a shoe or any of your other personal belongings! There are a multitude of puppy toys available. The most important thing is always to choose a dog toy that is specially designed for animals. Avoid tennis balls and other human games, which can damage a puppy's teeth and even be toxic! Among the puppy toys available, here are four that I recommend:

The puppy plush :

There are many plush toys for puppies (also called puppy cuddly toys). These will not damage your pet's teeth and will be soft toys. But beware: they won't last long if your dog tends to eat everything that comes in his mouth! See examples of specialized plush toys on this page.

The soft rubber bone :

Nice to chew and stronger than a puppy cuddly toy, the rubber bone is better! See some examples on this page.

Special toys for puppies and dogs:

These are usually solid plastic toys with hollow interiors. The special feature of the dog toys from RueDesChiens is that they can be filled with food: kibbles and soft food as shown here and in the picture.

The educational toy for dogs

Many dogs like toys that require some more complex handling than others such as dog ball and doggy ball. To give you a few examples of educational toys, just find out more here!

How many puppy toys ?

And yes, if your doggie is allowed to chew on dozens of puppy toys, how will he understand that he can't chew on shoes, clothes and other human belongings that fall within his reach?! Do like my mistress: when I was still a puppy, she only gave me two or three dog toys, alternating them given the number of toys in my possession and it was already more than enough to amuse me! Find lots of specialized toys for puppies right here and make one happy. Now that you know more about the different toys recommended for puppies, continue to learn more about the different toys for adult dogs by clicking here!