Dog Collars With Name Plates

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dog collar with name plate

Discover the best collection of dog collars with name plate from the United States! Are you a fan of leather, cotton, nylon or simply looking for a dog collar? You'll find what you're looking for on this page designed entirely for dog owners.

Dog Collar With Name Tag

if you are looking for a dog collar with name, you will find the one you need. You will find a whole range of dog collars with embroidered names. If you are looking for a dog collar to give to your dog or simply to a dog owner, you can read our blog post that will help you choose the best-personalized dog collar. We even advise you how to match the collars with your outfit and much more.

Leather Dog Collar With Name Plate

Genuine leather lovers, we haven't forgotten you! If you want to make your dog look stylish while strutting down the street with you, then you're in the right place. You'll find dog collars with name tags or even engraved dog collars. Or if it's a Christmas or birthday gift, you're sure to find the right collar for you and your dog. For young owners who have a puppy at home, our collars will also suit you.

Our dog collars with names are handmade with love and passion. A choice of quality materials was made during the manufacturing of the collars, which makes them flexible for the neck. Your dog will not feel any form of discomfort on his neck.

You will notice that some of our dog tags are made of brass, which is the material that most customers are looking for. We offer all kinds of colors of dog collars such as blue, pink, black, brown, gray, and green. We also have flower collars, camo dog collars with names, and other models to discover in this collection. In short, treat yourself by checking out our leather dog collars with name plate.

Dog Id Collar

As dog owners, we often dread the thought of our dog getting loose and running away from home. That's why we offer dog collars with ID tags that can be personalized by you and contain your dog's name, address and phone number.

Personalized Reflective Dog Collars

It is certain that your dog will never go unnoticed wearing this type of collar. If you are looking for a new dog collar, you should check out our selection of personalized collars. The reflective dog collar with name is suitable for your nightly walks with your four-legged best friend.

Engraved Dog Collars

Complete your dog's wardrobe with our dog collars with embroidered names and especially with personalized dog collars to get the full package. Many owners are content to simply buy dog collars without name tags. If you want to protect your pooch, you should invest in a custom embroidered dog collar. By having your dog's information engraved on a collar, you won't have to worry if he wanders off in the middle of town or the woods. You will have to choose among a hundred dog collars with a name tag.

Our dog collars with name plates are durable, comfortable, and built to last over time. Embroidered dog collars are perfect for those who prefer fabric! You can have your dog's name and contact information embroidered such as:

  • Dog Collar With Name And Number
  • Dog Collar With Name Engraved
  • Dog Collar With Name And Address
  • Dog Collar With Name And Telephone Number

Whether you have a small breed or large breed dogs like a Chihuahua or German Shepherd, we have large customizable collars as well as customizable small dog collars. If you have a puppy, you can put a short phrase on his custom embroidered collar for a silent and lasting identification of your puppy. Don't forget to specify the information you want on the dog tag. The information on the tag should include your dog's name as well as a phone number so that if your dog goes out, people will know who to call.