Spiked Dog Collars

spiked dog collars

Protect your dog from aggression by making him look like a dangerous dog with our spiked dog collars. The fine details and perfectly mastered finish on our collars will not leave you indifferent. This is THE mother collection of our store and you have the privilege to discover our incredible spiked collars. Make good use of it !

Spiked dog collars for protection

Spiked collars were originally used to protect dogs for ages. It was cattle breeders who started to equip their guard dogs with pointed collars. As they were close to a forest, it quickly became a means of defense in case of a fight with wolves. Indeed, if your dog is equipped with a pointy collar, he will have a better chance of surviving a wolf attack or an attack from dangerous dogs that would choose to bite your dog's neck directly. Needless to say, wearing a spiked dog collar is a formidable defense weapon against the most dangerous dogs.

We recommend putting them on your dogs if you live in the country or in the woods for example. If you are looking for a good dog collar, we offer several models :

  • Pink Spiked Dog Collar
  • Red Spiked Dog Collar
  • Black Spiked Dog Collar
  • Purple Spiked Dog Collar
  • Blue Spiked Dog Collar
  • Camo Spiked Dog Collar

Most spiked collars on the market today are more about style and less about function. Our collars are designed to offer both options that will give your dog unmatched style while protecting him from neck bites.

Leather spiked dog collar

There is no denying the quality of our spiked collars. This collection of dog collars is very important to us, and you can understand why when you see the quality of our spiked studded dog collars. The collar is an essential accessory in the life of our four-legged friends. In this collection, we offer you a range of leather studded dog collars. Their finely worked details always offer us an outstanding result so that your dog is stylish in any occasion. Here are the different themes that you will find on this special page :

Spiked collars for the more daring dogs, Other animals will avoid attacking your dog. The punk dog collar is perfect for adding a cool punk rock edge and a sense of style to your pooch. Bikers with dogs have nothing to complain about, our dog collars with skulls and long silver spikes give you the right to put your dog in the spotlight.

Our collars are handcrafted by our passionate dog craftsmen. They have worked and tested the leather of these spiked collars to make them strong and durable over time. Tear-proof leather and solid, reliable hardware ensure that your collar will last for years. You can use these collars even in rainy weather, while walking around town, in the woods, or in the country.

This added touch adds the perfect level of bling to any necklace and takes the overall style up a notch. These are the perfect collars for a diva dog in your life, or just for a pup who appreciates the finer things in life from time to time.

Our studded dog collars models

Obviously we have all kinds of collars for all tastes, passing by the nuances of colors, the size of the points, whether it is a collar for a dog with short point or broad point. Here are the models we offer in this collection :

  • Pink Studded Dog Collar
  • Black Studded Dog Collar
  • Turquoise Studded Dog Collar
  • Green Studded Dog Collar
  • Red Leather Studded Dog Collar
  • Black Studded Leather Dog Collar
  • Studded Puppy Collar

If your dog likes to spend his evenings romping on your property, a spiked collar will protect him from predators and angry neighborhood dogs that dare to venture nearby.

Spiked dog collars for pitbulls

The Pit Bull is a dog that loves people in general, including strangers, and needs attention. Training and socialization from a young age are important for pit bulls. When wearing a spiked collar, the pit bull is often mistaken for a very dangerous dog. If you own a pit bull and live in a home with a yard, then you know the reaction of people who come to your home. Having a spiked collar on your pitbull may seem intimidating, but it is very effective in deterring burglars or bad people. It helps protect your dog's neck in case of a fight with another dog.

There are many collars to choose from to enhance your dog's racy appearance. A pitbull collar with a minimum width is very aesthetic and perfectly suited to highlight the natural beauty of your pitbull. Take advantage of our high quality spiked dog collars and be proud of your dog's unique appearance.

Spiked dog collars for rottweilers

Our spiked collars for dogs are also suitable for rottweilers. It's up to you to choose the model you like. Otherwise, we have other dog accessories to offer you on our online store. But if you prefer rottweiler collars, it's up to you to make your choice among our available items, and don't forget that shipping is free on all our products.

Our pink spiked dog collars

Do you want to emphasize the feminine side of your dog ? Then a pink studded dog collar might help your audience recognize your dog's gender at a glance. These collars are adjustable at the neck to make your pet more comfortable.

Small dog spiked collar

Obviously, small dogs are not forgotten, whether you have a Dachshund, Boston Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pug, Pomeranian, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, you will find your happiness among all these collars studded and pointed.

Spiked puppy collar

We recommend that you visit our size guide to check the ideal collar size for your puppy. We also recommend that you choose a studded collar with a small point, especially small points.